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Hommage à Ali Farka Touré

avec Hamadoun Tandina & Amadou Bagayoko

Spectacle 20

Wednesday 18th April

La Hune stage - 09pm » 00:10am


Chanson, World

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Hommage à Ali Farka Touré

Mamani Keita


Hamadoun Tandina is an inexhaustible storyteller and a lifelong friend of Ali Farka, with whom he played, worked and recorded. Before marrying Mariam (from Amadou & Mariam), Amadou Bagayoko was Ali Farka's spiritual son, since the day Ali asked him to record his first demo on the Mali Radio. Once again, Ali Farka himself is the reason they're getting together today. With help from the spirits, Hamadoun et Amadou have a date with their friend. And we are all invited.

Audio track extract:
Title: Tombouctou la mystérieuse
Guitar: Ali Farka Touré
Vocals: Hamadoun Tandina