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Last year, our Festival celebrated, as celebrate it should, its 30 years of existence. Now that page has been turned and Le Printemps de Bourges begins a new decade with faith and convictions intact.

Fine-tuning its artistic aim, Le Printemps persists more than ever in presenting, along with the headliners of the moment, an increasing assortment of lesser known but just as thrilling artists. The Festival wishes in this way to remain a special place to discover burgeoning artists, just as its name implies.

Whether it be under a marquee or in the intimacy of smaller spaces (two new concert halls this year), the live show is an experience of infinitely varied pleasures and is doing very well, thank you. Knowing this, the programming for 2007 offers the public today's multiple musical currents and a large choice of thematic or transversal platforms. This event tries to cast a sharp, true look at the constant activity in contemporary musical expression by building a bridge between generations (Juliette Gréco / Abd al-Malik) and presenting emerging phenomena (Bouchazoreill's slam) or unusual artists (Joanna Newsom).

We wish to thank all our partners, public, private, professionnal and media for their trust and support.

Over 130 artists have the opportunity, from April 17th to the 22nd, to express themselves on 13 stages of Le Printemps de Bourges. Coincidentally, the first round of the French Presidential elections will occur on the last day of the Festival, reminding us of how vital it is to give ourselves a voice.

So, the 2007 Festival is a window on the future...

Daniel Colling